Thursday, September 1, 2016

Pokemon 2017 Standard Format Rotation

I just logged into Pokemon TCG Online this afternoon and was prompted with this message:

When I looked in the Pokemon TCG Online shop, I noticed that I could no longer buy older Booster Packs just as the message stated:

Lastly, I decided to check out this link to review the reason for removing these older Booster Packs:

Therefore, these MAJOR Expansion Sets have been removed:

  • XY
  • XY-Flashfire
  • XY-Furious Fists
  • XY-Phantom Forces
  • Black & White-Legendary Treasures
  • Black & White-Plasma Storm
  • Black & White-Plasma Freeze
  • Black & White-Plasma Blast
If you are playing with Standard Format decks in Pokemon TCG Online, this will affect which decks are valid for gameplay, but this also affects which decks you can build in the FUTURE (even in the Expanded Format) as well since you will no longer be able to acquire these Booster Packs from the Pokemon TCG Online Shop!!


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